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Welcome to SEF's new website! We have redesigned the look and feel of this site, introducing latest responsive web technologies in order to make the site more user friendly on a wider variety of different devices including desktops, tablets, and phones.

A special thank you for those parents who donated recently to SEF on #GivingTuesday with the possibility of matching donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Remember for those parents who have still yet to donate, with the end of the tax year coming up now is an excellent time to make a donation in order to claim a tax deduction for this year! Also don't forget to take advantage of any matching funds available via your employer.

Save the date! On Sunday afternoon starting 3pm February 4, 2018 SEF will be hosting a panel discussion with industry leaders to talk about what your child can do to make it big in the world in the area of their dreams. It will be a chance for both parents and their kids to ask questions and explore ideas that could open up exciting new avenues for their careers in the coming years. We will be posting more information about this event imminently so stay tuned!

About SEF

Established since 1982, SEF has been an integral part of the success in maintaining the standards of the Saratoga Union School District (SUSD) making it one of the most desirable school districts in the US with excellent ratings based on school test results. SEF is a collective parental effort, entirely volunteer-run, independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization bringing excellence to our schools with enriched programs that helps to give every student a well rounded education. Our approach ensures that nearly 100% of your donations go directly to our students’ school programs. We are grateful to the Saratoga community including all of the principals, teachers, families and local small businesses whose support makes possible high quality educational programs for each of our students.

Tax-deductible donations from parents like you make up the vast majority of SEF funding and benefit every child in our school district. We also receive donations from local businesses and community members. Please help continue the education programs SEF provides for every child during the school day. If you sent your child to private schools in the area, for K-8 kids the costs are typically over $26,000 per annum. We ask for a tiny fraction of this sum ($1000 per student) to provide programs that are educationally enriching and highly competitive. In order to fund our programs, we need all parents to make a contribution.


This year's presentation of SEF's grant to SUSD. Pictured here from left to right are Tamami Honma (SEF President), Karin Colinet (last year's SEF VP of Communications), Nancy Johnson (SUSD Superintendent), and Amelia Shen (SEF Treasurer).

SEF kids

SEF's Mission

Every school year there is inadequate state funding for California schools (including the Saratoga Union School District) for programs such as music, art, computer instruction, PE, and science. Saratoga Education Foundation's mission is to ensure that our children are nurtured with high quality educational coverage of these areas. By raising funds from our families we help support programs targeted at these subjects. In 2016 SEF granted $795,025 for the current academic year 2017-18. With changing demographics, rising costs, and new priorities, SEF's mission to maintain current programs has become more challenging but with the power of the force on our side - energized by your donations! - we can rise above adversity to reach the stars.

SEF Explained (in just 3 minutes!)

Schools Supported By SEF Funding


SEF Teachers

SEF funds the salaries for the teachers and aides in various programs in the 3 elementary schools (Argonaut, Foothill, and Saratoga) and Redwood Middle School as follows:

In our elementary schools

  • 1 Art Teacher
  • 1 Instructional Technology Teacher
  • 2 Music Teachers
  • 3 PE Teachers from Rhythm & Moves Program
  • 3 Science Aides
  • In our middle school

      1 Art Docent Coordinator
    • 3 STEM Teachers as part of Project Lead the Way